Thursday, March 8, 2007

Business Development Grant for Bridge Jewelry

So for those of you who are over-achievers, and have your taxes done already...I'm sure you're looking for another project to tackle. PLUS, this one gets you money back...a whopping $6,000.00!!!

Okay, so what's the catch? Well, you must be an aspiring businesswoman who:
-is a student or professional jewelry designer
-intends on pursuing a full-time career in bridge jewelry
-intends on developing a branded line of bridge jewelry for resale
-intends on selling their branded line on a regional or national level
-started their bridge jewelry business after January 1, 2004
-has never been convicted of a felony
-is a US citizen

What is bridge jewelry, you say?
It is the middle segment of the jewelry industry that falls between fine jewelry (precious metals and gemstones) and costume jewelry.

Halstead Bead Inc. is interested in supporting jewelry designers in this segment due to the increasing competition from mass merchandising and cheap products from overseas.

A list of the things they require for entrants:
-Short Answer Application Questions
-Long Answer Application Questions
-Application Form
-Signed Contest Terms and Declaration of Originality
-5-10 Color Photographs of Original Bridge Jewelry Designs
-List of Materials Used in Each Design
-Wholesale and-or Retail Price for Each Design
-Marketing Collateral Materials- tags, brochures, catalog, etc.
-Resume including education and past employment
-Business Plan

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out

Have fun and good luck!

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