Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kooza - Cirque in SF

We were able to see the latest Cirque du Soleil addition in San Francisco a few weeks ago, thanks to Todd's brother and sister-in-law! It was an interesting performance and the colors were intense and inspirational.
Cirque du Soleil is trying to go green with this traveling act by re-using and re-purposing almost everything, from turning the old circus tents into messenger bags, to adding recycling bins in the tents.
My favorite act during this show both awed me and made me uncomfortable all at once. The two contortionistas who sat on and ran circles around their own heads!
We had a great time! Thanks again:)

Styling Your Product with Props...

Just wanted to bookmark this link for future reference, and for anyone else interested in a little photo stylization....


And Tee-shirts...
Again, I was flipping through a free magazine that I picked up (Yogi Times, I think); and found a few ads for tee-shirts that I really liked...and perhaps, when my discretionary funds perk up a bit, I will add these to my wardrobe:
I really love the Dalai Lama shirts here. And the Teacher shirt here (although the site is a bit too Hollywood trendy for my tastes.) I like the look of the Love Not War, but don't like that the shirt is asking for both Love and War at the same time (seeing as how I subscribe to the notion that focusing on a negative (not war) is simply asking for that which you don't want...So, perhaps Love and Peace would be my preferred alternative:) I would absolutely buy that one! (And, I'm not sure what the Portuguese has to do with anything.)

Pandora's Music Box....

I'm totally lovin' this new music site that I've found....Pandora.
I've found so many new artists that I'm falling in love with. The best part about it is the fact that you can create personalized radio "stations" based on songs or artists that you already love.
The site has songs and artists catalogued by certain musical styles, such as "mellow rock syncopation" and "acoustic sonority," and sounds, thus comparing your favorites according to the "musical genome" of each selection. It really makes for great background music, plus if you are so inclined, it links you to iTunes or Amazon where you can purchase the music.
Happy listening!

Fusing Plastic Bags

I've always thought this was a fascinating technique...I'll have to try it once again, as the last time I tried, I wasn't too successful. Seems like the iron temperature is a spot of contention, or at least question:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My first REAL Repair

So, I've been working on stained glass pieces for a few years now. And, I have done a few repairs, but only on pieces around the house, like the broken candle box. While that was a three dimensional piece, it was a cube; making it fairly easy to repair.
This lamp, however, posed a bit of a challenge. The repair was a bit of a puzzle, really. When it first arrived at the studio, we thought that we would slide the bottom pieces off, and then slide the middle pieces out. However, after examining the piece awhile longer, I realized that it would be easier to slide the top off. Anywho, it wasn't too hard, and didn't take much more than an hour from start to finish. I think my favorite part of the whole repair process is breaking the broken pieces to get them out!
So, I think the two pieces that were broken are the two pieces just to the right of the piece that's centered in the photo. But, I did such a good job :) that I can't pick them out!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Wishes...

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me greetings and happy thoughts on my birthday this year. I had a great day!

I started by waking up at 7 AM (I actually woke up at 6:45, and rolled out of bed just before 7!) to get ready for my kindergarteners! I'm a guest artist in a seven week session with the ArtLinks program at both McPherson and Salvador Elementary schools in Napa. We're working on "Stained Glass Windows" for our first project. But, instead of using glass, we're working with tissue paper on waxed paper. Aside from that small detail, the rest of the process follows very closely to the actual stained glass process. I was a bit nervous at first, because I wasn't sure if their motor skills would allow them to carefully cut the tissue paper. But, they are really loving it, and are doing a great job!
So, I spent the day at Salvador elementary (from 8:45am-2:00pm). I did have an hour break for lunch, in which I raced to the new Whole Foods to meet Todd and sample some of the multitude of prepared foods.
After school was over, there was a special program taking place at Salvador. Wild Cats!!! The good people at Leopards, Etc., a group which strives to "expand learning opportunities about wild cats and increase awareness of the impact of human behavior on the habitat and survival of these rare species," brought four cats with them to Salvador, and it was thrilling to be able to see them up close! They explained that we should be very quiet and sit very still while the cats were on stage. Now, one would think that this direction would be given for the safety of the humans in the room. But, actually, the cats are very shy and easily upset. So, if there's too much commotion, they won't come on stage at all! I was very impressed with the children for being able to sit still for a whole hour to watch the captivating cats. Even the shyest cat of all, the leopard, didn't need to be enticed to stay on stage with the "treat buzzer" - a Pavlovian trick that the handlers use to keep the leopard focused on meaty treats and not the bustling audience. We got to meet the Canada Lynx, the Serval, the (highly endangered) King Cheetah, and the shy African Leopard. What a great birthday present!
After that was all over and I arrived home, I walked into a beautiful bouquet of roses and some chocolates from Dad and Uncle Jim! So very thoughtful!
To top off the night, Todd took me out to dinner (our fave, Uva), and then we went home to enjoy the decadent chocolate birthday cake that Todd got me:)
I truly am blessed to have so many caring people in my life! Also, I don't want to forget everyone who wished me happy birthday early, or late;) Thanks for all my gifts and for being a part of my life!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Broccoli Obama and Celery Clinton...

While making some interesting points, and some corn-y jokes (couldn't resist that one after watching the video), The Road to the Greenhouse is mildly comical. Give a listen, if you dare...

Find more PETA videos at

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Take the Stairs!

Be green! Take the stairs...

Clever, but a little fiance never would have gotten the message.
He didn't make it to the end.

A Belated Thank You... the IN Crowd of Etsy, the Indiana Street Team.
I had so much fun taking part in their online Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.

They hid Thanksgiving themed items in item listings from their shops.
It was quite a challenge to find all the items, there were some tricky ones!
I was just lucky enough to be drawn as the winner from 16 correct entries!
I was so excited and surprised to find out that I won! My fiance jumped when I shouted "Whoo-hoo!"
My gift basket included beautiful jewelry, lovely candles, and more!!
Special thanks to:
Berry Creek Candles
Nana's Sewing Room
The Peach Martini
Celestial Beings & More
Guiding Light Candles
(and forgive me if I've forgotten anyone)
Thanks again!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dunder Mifflin needs YOU!!

"When a company gets stagnant, it dies. At Dunder Mifflin Infinity, we don't want to die. Ever."

Are the writers still on strike? Yes, they are...And until their issues are resolved, I am growing restless for new episodes of The Office. Anyone else feel the same? Well, now there is something you can do while the writers are away and still get your office fix....kind of...

Join me at Dunder Mifflin Infinity - Omaha, NE!

Why Omaha? Why not? I grew up near Omaha, in Lincoln, NE, but currently live in Napa, CA. And like the Counting Crows sang, "Omaha....somewhere in the middle of's the heart that matters more." Why Omaha? It's the meeting place, right in the middle! Yeah!

So, "Tell me more," you say. I have you intrigued? "What is there to do at Dunder Mifflin Infinity?"
Well, honestly, I'm probably not the best person to ask, but when has that ever stopped Michael Scott from answering? So, taking my cue from Mr. Michael Scott, I'll pipe in:

1) You can earn ShruteBucks!!! While, ShruteBucks are fairly worthless, as pointed out by Jim, you can earn them to pimp out your virtual desk. (Mine's empty right now, still working on the buying virtual things....)
"Diligent and hard-working employees will be rewarded in SchruteBucks, which can be spent on decorating their Virtual Desks, as well as with exclusive content (video, photos and downloads), official merchandise from the NBC Store, items featured in actual episodes of "The Office", and much, much more!"
2)Complete fun or pointless (or both) tasks to network with other branch employees or give your creativity a kick in the behind...

3)Climb your way up the corporate ladder...I'm tired of being a temp!
Temp 1000
Warehouse Employee 1300
Receptionist 1600
Customer Relations Specialist 2000
Quality Assurance Specialist 2600
Supplier Relations Specialist 3400
Accountant 4300
Salesperson 5300
Warehouse Foreman 6500
Human Resources Manager 8000
Assistant Regional Manager 10000
Regional Manager Appointed

4)Oh, yeah, you can even buy your own Office Branch logo-ized mugs, t-shirts and more! Wow!

I know you want to...don't ya? Check it all out, here.

P.S. It's really hard to convey sarcasm on line, so just throw in some funky gestures and eye-rolling every other line:)

P.S.S. Oh! and if you do join, tell 'em I sent ya!

Win $100 from Etsy!!

Just by taking this simple survey to help them make the site better!!
For those of you who don't know Etsy, it's an online community for crafters and artists. It was created as an alternative to Ebay, where you could go to find homemade, one-of-a-kind, hancrafted items. I love shopping on Etsy, because of the opportunity it offers me to support other artists. I'll avoid the big chains any chance I get, and am especially averse to buying from China.
I hope everybody on Etsy takes this survey!
For all the love that I have for Etsy, it could still definitely be more user friendly.
So, pipe in with all your suggestions, here!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yummy Garnacha...

From Todd:

A 2005 Alto Moncayo Veraton Garnacha. A 100% Spanish Grenache wine with 15.5% alcohol. Modeled very much in the American fruit bomb tradition (though not in the unbalanced sense). It's always interesting to drink a 100% varietal, especially one that isn't so common.
It has an inky purple body that forms long slender fingers along the glass (from the high alcohol) after a good swirl. Delicious aromas of butterscotch, blackberry, vanilla and plum. Soft and smooth forward palate with a nice peppery spice on the way to the gullet. A fantastic Spanish wine that's well worth the reasonable price. Salud!


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