Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sculptural Stained Glass Mirror Project

I've volunteered to participate in an upcoming fundraiser for The Independence House (a care facility in Lincoln, Nebraska) and the Nebraska Alzheimer Association for their arts program, which engages the residents with various art projects. We, the artists, have each chosen a piece of artwork created by a resident and will be creating a companion piece to be auctioned off at the spring gala.

I had a few different ideas for the project, but it wasn't until I found the mirror (via FreeCycle - donated by a generous family whose aunt is struggling with dementia) that I was able to pull the pieces together.

I gathered my materials together: the antique mirror (dated 1947 on the backside), a fused glass flower cast with frit (donated by a fellow glass artist, Ed Breed), and some stained glass (also a donation from a high school friend, who had to clean house for a friend who died of cancer).

After playing around with the materials, I came up with a general idea for placement.

Jump ahead to post cutting and grinding the glass. I foiled it while watching re-runs of the new Battlestar Galactica. Then, even though I had a rough pattern, the only way that made sense for me to continue was to assemble the leaves into garlands.

So, I soldered and built the garlands, one leaf at a time.

Next, I need to wrap the mirror in lead and figure out the pattern for the glass frame. Keep an eye out:)


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