Monday, September 16, 2013

Lotus Mosaic Mandala Pattern

Lotus Mosaic Mandala Modification in Purple, Amber, & Blue
Lotus Mosaic Mandala Modification in Purple, Amber, & Blue
My lotus mosaic mandalas have been getting a lot of attention lately, which is awesome! I love making these glass on glass mosaics. I've got them at two local shops in Lincoln, Nebraska: Out of the Box and Architectural Glassarts; and coming soon to Flowing Stone Art Gallery in Beatrice, Nebraska.
Lotus Mosaic Mandala in Blue, White, Yellow & Green
Lotus Mosaic Mandala in Blue, White, Yellow & Green
If you'd like to commission a mosaic mandala, I would love to make it for you! Just contact me with your ideas (colors, size, etc.) HOWEVER, maybe you want to make one for yourself? I've had a request for the pattern and instructions, and since I love teaching others, I've made it available for purchase on my etsy site. Or, again, you can just contact me!

6 page instruction booklet that comes with pattern, full of links, sources & resources
6 page instruction booklet that comes with
pattern, full of links, sources & resources
For $15, you get a full size 14" pattern of the layout for the lotus mosaic mandala and six pages of instructions! This pattern has modifications for beginners to advanced glass cutters and mosaicists. Enjoy!

Lotus Mosaic Mandala in Pastels
Lotus Mosaic Mandala in Pastels

From a previous student, Debbie: "Anyone who wants to learn from an excellent glass art instructor should check out Carrie's wealth of information that she shares with the public via her youtube videos, her blogs, and the various classes she teaches throughout the US. I have never been so impressed with another teacher's preparations and willingness to share and educate other glass artists or want to be glass artists. I met Carrie several years ago when she had been volunteering as an aide in a glass studio I started taking classes at. She was always trying new techniques and trying to learn all she could then, but it is very apparent that Carrie's dedication has made her someone to watch in the glass community. She is a true inspiration, and although she is many years my junior, I aspire to be just like her when I grow up! ; ) I wish she were still here in Napa, but honestly, anyone pretty much anywhere can benefit from her passion for glass. Carrie does nothing half (gl)ass...I recently was admiring her stained glass mandalas and asked her if she might be willing to sell the pattern. Carrie was more than willing to sell her pattern and sent me via email an incredibly detailed 6 page instruction pack with links of her youtube videos, as well as supply sources. The pattern is on its way to me now, and I know that should I need any help, she's just a click or two away. Carrie you ROCK!"

Another mosaic artist:
"Thanks, Carrie. And I always enjoy talking to you and watching your demonstrations at the Las Vegas Glass and Bead Show. You definitely know your stuff!"

Chihuly Art Lesson with Plastic and Heat Guns

From School Arts Digital Magazine...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HOW Stuff Works: How Glass is Made

From Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required," visit a float glass manufacturer and see how they turn raw materials into glass.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wrapping a Glass Base with Zinc Edge Came

Several people have asked how I attach the hangers to my Glass on Glass Mosaic Mandalas.
So, here is a "short" 20 minute video lesson that describes the process. Enjoy!

Red, Amber and Violet Lotus Mosaic Mandala
View more mandalas at!


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