Sunday, October 7, 2007

Exquisite Corpse Part Two

If you're unsure what an Exquisite Corpse is, this post will get you caught up.
If you have already read that post, then you know that I was waiting for someone to finish the head.

While in Nebraska, I decided to start an Exquisite Corpse in acrylics and pass it along to my crafty friends, D and Lili to finish. After our first craft day, the "feet" were finished by me:

and D still had time to start and finish the body...

but by the end of the afternoon, our corpse was left headless as we ran out of time for Lili to continue. However, a few days later, we were able to go over to Lili's house for another craft day.
Although Lili wasn't fully inspired with this project, we were able to talk her into finishing the head:

So, after unfolding the paper, we can finally unveil "Ever Evolving," by Lili Merritt, DRTD, and Carrie Strope:

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