Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Mold Collection...

I've begun documenting my mold collection so my students can visualize the molds that are available for them to use. Since I teach at a location away from my studio and have a hefty load to cart along to the class as it is, this is a much easier way to let them select molds.

Then, I decided, I should probably just document the whole collection so that I can visualize what I've got a bit easier, as well! My molds live on a shelf under my table and I don't always remember what's hanging out down there...

So, I think I'll just continue to build this page as a reference tool for myself, huh?

NOTE TO STUDENTS: If you've got a design in mind that you're planning for a particular mold, make sure to ask me about it before you design it. The mold you choose may not be a great mold to start a beginning project on, or it may be bigger or smaller than you think.

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