Friday, November 25, 2011

Color Play with Glass Links

Making these glass link bracelets is somewhat addicting, as I pull out the frit, the molds and the scale to play a bit of mad scientist!
After pulling out my supplies (spoon, cups, scale, frits and molds), I begin mixing up colors depending on my mood. Sometimes my inspiration is a flower, or a dress, or even wedding invitations! BUT... 

I don't always have the color I'm wanting just sitting around in a jar! That's when I need to mix things up a bit...
Above is my test sheet for frit mixes made with System 96 Uroboros and Carolina Frit. Taking very good notes, I created a whole palette of colors by combining two or more frits. After firing, the sheet looks like this:

Notice where the blue and yellows overlap that I get a wide variety of new colors, from olive green to marmalade and cinnamon...
I always keep the test sheets and sometimes even test links handy for reference.

After I've mixed up my colors, I fill the molds. Then, load 'em up and let the kiln do the work!
Though I'd love to peek and see if my colors mixed the way I thought they would, I need to wait until the next day for the kiln to come back down to room temperature. Impatience can ruin links, molds or both, so no peeking!

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I give the links a wash in soapy water, shine them up and link them together with aluminum links.
The glass links weigh only 4 grams each and aluminum is very airy, so the necklaces and bracelets are nice and lightweight.

Ta Da!

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Consciously Rebuilding said...

Where did you get your mold from?

CalyxAnn said...

These are molds from Color de Verre...they've just added circle molds (like doughnuts) and what they call Tribal molds, too.


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