Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Affairs of the 'Art at Noyes Focus Gallery in April

I'm an associate member at the Noyes Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I have lots of glass jewelry to peruse. But this April, I'll be joining six other artists in the Focus Gallery! That means I'll have some larger pieces available!
Thanks to Doug for the pedestals

I'm currently working on some recycled glass plates, and will have other plates as well as large wall pieces up.
Husker Plates - Go Big Red!
Quilted Plates
 The First Friday (April 6th) from 6pm-9pm opening reception was busy with everyone getting out to enjoy the warm weather and early spring!
My two larger panels in the window
 Aside from the plates, I was also able to display two of my kiln-formed panels in the window. You can see them in the picture above behind Doug Hawko's metal sculptures. Barb Patronsky's paintings are against the wall.
Entering the Focus Gallery
To the right of the picture you can see Karen Schamp talking with a patron about her paintings, behind her. I loved her newest "Full Moon" with Little Red Riding Hood on a horse about to meet the Big Bad Wolf.
Jan Beal's whimsical mobiles hung from above and ried the whole exhibition together well.
The other group of ladies is perusing Myrna Baade's oil paintings. 
Zach Cole's small paintings

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