Friday, January 4, 2013

Clinton Elementary School Residency ~ Mosaic Glass Quilts

In December, I spent one week with K-5th graders at Clinton Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition to creating fused glass snowflakes to take home and enjoy, we collaborated on a glass quilt that will hang in the school for all the students, staff and visitors to enjoy for years to come. I'm thrilled that the International Quilt Study Center is going to host the opening reception in May for First Friday. I can't wait for the kiddos to share their experience!
Pre-installation picture of the six 18" x 24" panels
  We spent the week with color theory and worksheets figuring out the quilt blocks we wanted to use, what shapes made up the blocks we chose, and playing with different color combinations to find our favorites.

3 Patch Design Worksheet
for the K-2nd Graders
4 Patch Design Worksheet
for the 3rd-5th Graders
After getting our worksheets colored in, each student chose the color combination they liked best and got to pick through the glass bins to find the perfect pieces for their mosaic. Each student got a 4" square of recycled window glass (their "substrate") that they placed upon their templates to guide them in placing the "tesserae," or pieces of glass. Once they were happy with how their quilt blocks looked, they brought them over to the "curing station" - an electric skillet that activated the heat set adhesive we used.
In the classroom, gluing down the pieces
with a hot plate and No Days Mosaic Adhesive.
Once all the quilt blocks were built, I took them home to mount them on 18" x 24" plexiglass panels. I used a silicon adhesive to attach the individual blocks and then grouted after the silicone cured.

After assembling all the squares and gluing them on plexiglass,
the panels were grouted.
The opening reception will be held at the International Quilt Study Center for May's First Friday event.

 For more information, check out the Lincoln Arts Council announcement, here.

Thanks to Miss Mollie Magnuson for organizing and photographing my recent residency with Mrs. Ortiz's art students at Clinton Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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