Saturday, August 4, 2007


Yea! The Creative Glass Guild of Etsy now has a blog!! Check it out here: CGGE
and visit the website here.
We are a non-juried glass group that is open to everyone who uses glass as their medium. We ask that members “STRIVE FOR FIVE” meaning that we ask all members to have AT LEAST 5 “glass” items in their shops at all times. Membership is based on inclusiveness and member involvement; not strict rules, organizational structures and exclusivity. We strive to create a team with diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging levels of success & experience. Therefore, we aim to welcome everybody who works with glass, despite their associations or current skill levels. We hope to foster a teaching environment where new members can learn from experienced mentors via shared knowledge and constructive critiques.
    Our GOALS are:
  • To foster an open, creative and supportive environment for all glass artists
  • To learn and share glass techniques from each other
  • share information and knowledge gained from outside the group and contribute to the Etsy community
  • To promote CGGE members' shops and glass-related activities
  • To promote ETSY as a site for handmade items at our craft fairs and shows that we attend
  • To have fun!

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