Monday, May 3, 2010

Powders and Painted Paper

I just pulled my lastest samples out of "Little Miss," my Paragon Caldera kiln.
I have some materials I've been wanting to play with since the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas last month. The first of which is the Streuter's No Days Mosaic Adhesive, which can be fired in the kiln and come off clean! I used a scrapbooking paper stamping tool to cut out the design from the No Days Adhesive and placed it on my glass. I pressed in it with my fingernails first, to see if it would hold powder without heating. Meh...not really; so I held the glass piece over a candle flame to start to liquify the adhesive. That was the trick! I sifted an orange powder over the adhesive and let it sit for a moment to allow the adhesive to absorb the powder fully and cool down, then I poured the rest of the powder off into a container to be used again.
Next up...Glassline Paints on thinfire...I had a stroke of genius (well, that may be a bit much) while looking over the Glassline Paper product brochure. When I read "fusible paper," I thought of thinfire. Now, why I had never thought of it before I just cannot say. But, I decided to play around with it.

The very first sample I made was simply a piece of thinfire between two sheets of clear. I didn't post a picture of it here; it just looks like white paper in glass. Above is my second sample piece, on which I quickly scribbled out some random lines with the remains of the paints from my class (the first session of the "Sampler Platter Class"). Then turned it over and wrote my name, for the heck of it:
And, instead of just firing it between two pieces of clear, I decided to test out my new dot templates for powdering glass. So, I sifted some orange dots on the top layer of clear.
I'm excited about the new possibilities this could open up in later designs, but am not sure how I will be using it just yet.
The Glassline paints on the paper look like puffy paints used straight from the bottle. The paint that I brushed on has the appearance of gouache, and I may have thinned it with a bit of water...but alas, I don't recall.

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