Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Date Night at the LUX - fused glass plates

The Party Table!

What better way to spend Valentine's Day, than hanging out with your sweetie and being creative with glass?!? That's what we did this year at the LUX Center for the Arts in historic University Place, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Christy and Carl with an OU plate?
Six couples joined me for music, treats and fused glass fun! We all worked on plates (and pendants or sun catchers).

Nancy and Bryan with their pendant and Cornhusker plate
Tom and Heidi
Christie and O.J. with an orange
James and Margaret with their soon-to-be suncatchers
Holly and Thomas with their creations

Date Night Pieces going in the kiln for the first time...

Flat pieces going back in the kiln to slump into the molds
The pieces have fallen into the molds (1265 degrees F)

Aren't they cute?!?


Christy said...

Our plates look awesome! That was such a fun class.

CalyxAnn said...

Thanks, Christy! It was a fun class, and I think the plates turned out really well! They are finished and I'm getting ready to email everyone to let them know that they can pick them up after tomorrow afternoon sometime...


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