Sunday, May 20, 2007

La Strada dell'Arte, day two

I had to leave early during day one, so I was surprised to see how much of the background was colored in at the beginning of day two! When I arrived, Michele was busy blending blues and whites and green for the sky...
Sharon was keeping things together in the booth. Thankfully, today wasn't nearly as windy as yesterday. Due to the wind and the way we had displayed some plates (on plate stands), we had a couple of casualties on Saturday:( But, we picked up the pieces, and hopefully they will be incorporated into another piece.

Kaila showed up to help fill in the details. She had to work a double yesterday, so was anxious to get her hands dirty today.
So, after a bit of blending and definition, we took the tape away from the borders and Voila!
The proud artists: Carrie, Kaila, and Michele



Napa looks like a great place to be!

Calyx Ann said...

I'm certainly enjoying it now that summer is here and the weather is warming up:)

tigergirl said...

I always love seeing this kind of sidewalk art - such a shame it's so temporary.

Calyx Ann said...

I think that's part of the beauty of it, really. It's almost like a sand mandala; it was definitely a meditative process making it.
But, even if it is rained on (not drenched), it stays on the street for at least a month.
Currently, the farmer's market folks are treading on it, but it stands up to it.


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