Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Art Integration Program at Salvador Elementary....

We've finished our first project! Yea!! The kids worked very diligently and are ecstatic to have finished pieces! I got the design for this project from Hands On Crafts for Kids.

Stained "Glass" Windows with theKindergarten/First Grade Class

I took the kids through the actual stained glass procedure. First, we made templates of each of the shapes. "What shapes do you see?"
Then, we traced around the templates on tissue paper (our surrogate glass). "How many of each shape do you need?"

Stained "Glass" Windows with First Grade Class

After all of our pieces were traced and cut, we glued the tissue paper onto waxed paper, using our pattern as a guide.
Finally, we put borders on both sides of the piece so it can be viewed from the front or the back!

So, it's time for me to get ready for the next big project!
Nipping glass while watching Aragon.

Hmm...mental note to make sure the kindergartners know they should wear shoes...
I did shoot glass on the carpet, but I think I cleaned it up well.
Most of the glass that I had access to for this project is transparent or translucent, so for the first class, we used crayons to color our base pieces. We're almost ready to grout already! I really love how these pieces are coming along so far.

Glass Mosaic with the First Graders

Some of the kids worked on mosaics with me in the afterschool program last semester, so they zipped right through this project. They really loved the addition of the colored picture beneath the glass.

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