Friday, February 15, 2008

Ivan Chan - "Out on a Limb"

oil on canvas, 36" x 12" (NFS)

It is our intentions that take us where we will go, and even if it seems accidental to find oneself on the edge, it is no less purposeful.

What do we learn, and what do we offer, when we climb out on a limb?

I learned--and offered--my willingness to leap.

Thought that I'd share with you today one of my favorite Californian artists, Ivan Chan.
I love his "Here Kitty Series," a series of halo-ed cats caught in contemplation.
His technique consists of fingerpainting with non-toxic, professional grade paints.
Read his bio, here.
Check out his blog, here.
See more of his work, here.

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, hey, look what happens when I scroll down and explore a blog!

Thank you for featuring me and enjoying my work.




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