Saturday, February 2, 2008

Been Just A Little Busy Lately....

But, you know, the busier you are, the more you get done!! Isn't that the crazy part?!?
So, I've been working on some new freeze-n-fuse pendants....I've got just the glass part done. I've wanted to create enough that I could work on incorporating them into Silver Art Clay in one session.
Also, there's a gigantic project at the studio, and we've been working overtime to get it finished. I've not got any beautiful pictures to show...but this project has got sandblasted, fused, and painted elements incorporated into the leaded glass windows. Below is me, prepping some pieces to get sandblasted. The glass is flashed glass, which in this case means that there is a thin layer of blue glass on top of a thicker layer of clear glass. When these pieces are sandblasted, the leafy area will then be painted with green paint and fired in the kiln to make the paint permanent.

While I was working with the buttercut and prepping for sandblasting, I was able to salvage some scraps to prep for a project that I'm trying to finish for Todd's birthday. Eventually, it will be a stained glass suncatcher of the seven chakras. I was able to dig out some scrap for the red, orange, blue, and violet; but I need to fuse together a green and yellow disk. Can't wait to show you the finished pics. Here's what I've got as of the latest photo session:And, now, for the unveiling of my latest series of pendants:
Sterling silver charms incorporated with tumbled stained glass! I really love these!!
Umm....perfect for your Valentine?


Lisa Gerstenberger said...

I'm intrigued by the tumbling method! Do you use a rock tumbler?

Calyx Ann said...

Yup! Just throw 'em in for a couple of days, then drill a hole when they're finished.


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