Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Elegant Troll...

I started it more than four years ago, but I've finally finished putting her together! Before my evening soiree with the Lincoln Doll Club, I had but bits of troll in a bag. May I informally introduce.... Ms. TrollUp! You may not have noticed, but she's rather well-endowed. She also doesn't care much for shaving; and I totally understand that!
Like teacher, Ute Vasina, I had to be different! My "Fritz" troll is a lady troll, but as of yet, she's still a naked lady!

I fashioned my troll from the kit for "Fritz" (above) by Ute Vasina. I don't yet know her story...but I think she'll be wearing a lovely green evening gown and showing off her sexy legs!

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