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2010 Las Vegas Glass Expo

While traveling through the skies to New Jersey (to visit my husband's family for the holidays), I was reading the latest issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly. I enjoy reading all the articles, but I also scour each page for the ads, as well. When I came upon the new Las Vegas Glass Craft and Bead Expo ad, I was surprised to see that I was nationally published!!

See my stained glass windows? Yea!!! Granted they were images that were submitted for the class schedule from the year before (I assisted teacher Michele Mitcavish with her No Days Glaze classes and made the samples), but I was exuberant nonetheless!

Barring unforeseen events, I'll be attending the Glass Expo again this year to help with classes again. So, I thought I'd check out the list of classes and share the ones that I thought sounded intriguing:

Of course, I'll begin with the classes where you may find me assisting ;)

****All class descriptions are from the Glass And Bead Expo Class Listings for Website****
Note: WE - Wednesday, TH - Thursday, FR - Friday, SA - Saturday

9:00am–5:00pm Michele Mitcavish REPEATED: Friday, FR-24
Leaded stained glass can be a labor of love. Finished stained glass panels often take your breath away, unfortunately, so can the glazing and cleaning process. Labor costs soar from the hours involved in the cleaning and setting time, which may result in the loss of a client. Streuter Technologies has developed an innovative and time saving glazing system that removes a lot of the labor involved in leaded glass. This system introduces heat, replacing the putty process that seals and supports the finished window for indoor and outdoor use. This class will take you through a small leaded project which will include glass cutting, leading and the No Days Glaze process. Other topics will include repairs, reinforcement and the complete line of glazing sizes and colors. You will come out of this class with the skill of creating the No Days Glaze way. Students bring: Glass cutter, running pliers, breaking grozers, leading hammer, safety glasses, lead nippers, soldering iron and stand, metal ruler.
Class Limit: 10............................ $250.00

9:00am-5:00pm Michele Mitcavich (it's Mitcavish, BTW)
Did you think fusing is just for fusers? Fusing only to make dishes or jewelry? Well it is not. I have been in the glass industry for 17 years and have learned a variety of glass utilizing them while working for a Public Glass artist. I now teach my method of mixing all those techniques to those who are tired of the confines of manufactured glass. Whether you are a stained glass artist, fuser or glass painter I want to show you how to look at a piece of art and transcribe it into a unique glass piece. In class we will be using clear Bullseye and translucent glass powders to create your own elements to be included into your own stained glass or fused glass piece. This class will be for any type of glass craftsmen out there and will be focused on opening you eyes to the innovative ways layer, fusing, laminating and other techniques are used to create a piece of fine art. I hope that you will come out of the class inspired. There will be a discussion of multiple techniques used in public art installation, like the use of optically clear glues for laminating on multiple layers of tempered glass, that we will cover also. Come ready for this intensive course in seeing glass in all
the art around you. Students bring: Glass cutting tools, safety glasses and dust mask. Bring artwork they would like to discuss as a potential future glass piece.

Class Limit: 10 ........................... $250.00

8:00am-4:00pm Michele Mitcavish
Those of you who teach classes know that having to split a class into multiple days can lose students. Waiting for glue to dry is one of the biggest culprits in delaying a class. Also if you are off-site teaching and you have to transport multiple pre-fired glass pieces, you may have had plenty of glass destroyed by a quick stop. Streuter Technologies has developed a heat set adhesive that will take the waiting out of finishing that mosaic project. In this class you will create a mosaic using a variety of fused glass pieces and broken glass we will provide. Due to the requests of last year’s students we have made this class a full day. We will not only be giving you a larger flat project to work on we will also have multiple demonstrations planned for you. Some of the things demonstrated will be the use of the No Days Mesh for wall surfaces, working on 3-D objects like clay pots and gluing glass on glass and using the Morton portable glass shop. Also if you avoid mosaics because of the mess the grout makes, I will be showing you what I call my dry grout method. Last year everyone said this alone was worth the price of admission, you will have your grouting and clean up done in minutes instead of hours. Students bring: mosaic nippers, metal ruler, glass cutting tools, black sharpie, safety glasses.

Class Limit: 10........................... $250.00

And then
...the classes that I would LOVE to attend (Make sure to click through on the links to learn more about the artists that will be teaching and see some fabulous pictures):


9:00am-5:00pm Gina Hubler REPEATED: Saturday, SA-25
Join Gina Hubler of the Miami Mosaic Academy in creating Micro-Macro Mosaics inspired by the Vatican studios and their artisans. We will use smalti filati, and other glass inclusions, creating small masterworks with a contemporary spin. Learn the history of this art form, and the mystique behind the creation of this specific style of mosaic. With only two major collections world wide, this is a style with limited exposure! We will work hand-on with a mural style project, as well as a functional micro-macro inclusion mosaic during our classtime. This is a chance to work with smalti filati, and develop your own style of setting with classical and contemporary tooling. Known as the souvenirs of the “Grand Tour” of Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we will reinvent our own! Students bring: Magnifying glass, or Mag-eyes type magnification. Class Limit: 15........ $265.00

10:00am–5:00pm Michael Dupille REPEATED: Thursday, TH-28
The painterly use of crushed glass frits and powders has opened up a whole new world of artistic imagery. Anything is possible when working with small particles of glass from tight, photo-realism to loose impressionism. Working in the panel format, you will learn how to control color density, shading, soft and hard edge lines and some unique specialty looks. This class will focus on the principles of multiple firing to create a rich, vibrant panel piece. There will be enough studio time to experiment with some technique pieces to assure a greater understanding of the process and how to create a palette. Just imagine how you can expand these techniques to creating unbelievable wall pieces, tiles and continuous murals. As one of the early kiln working artists, Michael has pioneered this and many other glass working processes. His dynamite slide show will inspire as well as educate. He does request that only those with previous fusing experience take this class. Students bring: notebook and writing implement, basic glass tools, and a couple of simple photos or images to work from.

Class Limit: 12........................... $285.00

9:00am–5:00pm Kent Lauer REPEATED: Thursday, TH-40
Join Master Beveler Kent Lauer for this brand new one-day class. You'll make beautiful, faceted Dichroic glass pendants and learn awesome cold working techniques. This exciting hands-on class will cover all aspects of creating these breathtaking pendants, from cutting 1/4" thick glass with a diamond ring saw, to laminating and beveling. A thin layer of Dichroic glass will be laminated between two layers of beautiful Starphire glass, then ground and polished into an incredible jewel. No glass cutting experience required. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention, and each student will have access to a 12" lap wheel. Students will have the opportunity to make several pendants of various shapes.

Class Limit: 6.............................. $325.00

9:00am–4:00pm Jayne Persico REPEATED: Thursday, TH-03
An introduction to an innovative way of forming glass bracelets. This technique was developed by Jayne, and she designed the metal molds and tools used to support this process. In this class students will work with pre-fired components, creating two bracelets and a watch. She will teach you sizing and bracelet forming as well as the wiring techniques to complement and complete each design. Students bring: safety glasses, wire wrapping pliers (Miniature Needle Nose, Round Nose and Flush Cutters), a watch face and Magnifying Glasses (if needed).

Class Limit: 12............................ $280.00

9:00am-1:00pm Denny Berkery
Come learn everything you wanted to know about stained glass cabinet doors from the author of "300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs." Author Denny Berkery will discuss every aspect of creating glass for cabinet doors including door prep, design considerations, glass selection and installation. We will have time for design work and we will discuss strategies for marketing your creations to cabinet companies, builders, etc. Students bring: drawing tools and paper.

Class Limit: 20............................ $135.00

1.5-Day Class Gail Stouffer Part 1 Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Part 2 Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm
Want to get the most out of working with glass powders? Learn to create imagery, depth, and drama in your work by incorporating exciting powder techniques. Students will learn to create Powder Wafers for small and large projects, explore crackled powder techniques, experience layering powders for depth, making pattern bars with powder, and more. This specialty class will show you the true power that adding powder can have! Students bring: Safety glasses
Class Limit: 15............................ $375.00

Have a blast with Verre'Eglomise & Float Glass
8:00am-4:00pm Peggy Pettigrew-Stewart REPEATED: Saturday, SA-27
Each student will learn a very unique technique and process to create stunning glass. This process can be used to create a variety of glass creations (from sculptures, to functional). Vessels, large bowls, tables, furniture, even sinks. And can be used to create beautiful small art & decor as well. Each student will learn sandblasting, sandcarving and the beautiful Verre' Eglomise technique of Intaglio (reverse) glass carving. This technique will also teach each student the process of intaglio / reverse glass painting along with the inlay of exotic metals such as copper, gold or silver. This process can be combined with kiln forming to create stunning and unique glass. No experience is required. However this class is suitable for all, from beginners to professional level glass artists. Each student will take home a minimum of two completed glass pieces, including at least one large major piece. This piece will range from 12" - 16" diameter and 1/2" thick. Completed pieces can be used to create a beautiful bowl, sculpture, vessel, and more. The technique can be combined with fused or cast glass, and can be used on any type of glass. For this class we will be working with thick float glass. This is a technique that will change the students glass art forever. The students will be able to return home with the skills, knowledge and ability to continue using this unique technique. It is an incredible process that allows all to create unique glass art. You can use this process to make large or small pieces, even furniture. But don't forget it can be used on jewelry and small decor as well. Students bring: Notebook, pencil & pen, apron (or old shirt), design ideas.

Class Limit: 10............................ $250.00

****All class descriptions are from the Glass And Bead Expo Class Listings for Website****

And this is just a FRACTION of the classes available!
If I were a lampworker (and I think that one day I will branch out in that direction), then I would surely have added a few of those classes here, as well! The hollow bead class sounded interesting...perhaps next year?

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