Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Trip to New Hope

In the rest period between Christmas celebrations and New Year's Eve, the in-laws, my husband and I took a drive to New Hope, Pennsylvania, a quaint little artsy community across the Delaware River from New Jersey. Last year, we took the trip in colder weather, and my treasure included a new wardrobe of vintage clothing from a fabulous little clothing store there, Night Bird Vintage Clothing.
This year, however, I wanted to go back to the Topeo Gallery which is jam packed with gorgeous, contemporary stained glass windows, mosaic mirrors, fused glass art, and hot glass treasures!

I love these kiln cast pieces, but forgot to see who the artist was!
(UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter who let me know that these pieces are by Susan Gott)
For a virtual walk through of the gallery, check out some of the artists below:

Little River Hot Glass Studio - These ornaments were the whole reason I wanted to come back!!!
Thomas Meyers Studios - Mosaic Mirrors that incorporate iridized glass, dichroic glass, fused glass elements, textured and painted sheet glass with beveled mirrors
Chickadee Studios - A mother/daughter team of lampworkers creating playfully elegant jewelry
Rollin Karg - Hot glass artist out of Wichita, Kansas. Watch several video clips of the hot glass process on his site.
Mary Darwell - You NEED to see this intricately beaded jewelry!
Zweifel Art Glass - Beautific iridescent, almost carnival glass-esque blown vessels
Richard Satava - Of course, there are the famous jellyfish!
Momo Glass - Unique enameled recycled glass jewelry
e.b. glassworks - Fantabulous swirly perfume bottles and ornaments
Kliszewski Glass - Colorful, whimsical blown glass vessels

Read a little more about Topeo Gallery and other New Hope attractions at That New Hope Blog.


Anonymous said...

The pieces that you refer to in the photo above are actually cast with furnace glass by Susan Gott in FL. Her studio is Phoenix Studios.

CalyxAnn said...

Oh, Thank You! And I was just watching a YouTube video interview with Susan today! Synchronicity?


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