Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glass Classes for my Trixie Kitty

"Glass for Trixie Kitty" Party - In this short workshop session, I invite you and a few friends over to play with glass. My poor kitty, Trixie has bad genetics, and nearly all of her teeth need to come out.
If the teeth don't come out, her jawbone may get infected. Then, there's risk that her jaw could break. Wish there was an easier fix. We even brushed her teeth for the last year. Didn't help. She's plaque free, but her gums are receding :(
It's expensive... Come have some fun and help me pay for my kitty's comfort.

My studio can accommodate 2-8 people comfortably. My kiln shelf is 20" x 20". $100 to fill it all up. $25 per quarter (10" x 10"). I provide all the fusible glass scrap you could need. 2-3 hour session depending on how long you decide to play! Contact me to find a time for your group!
Head on over to my website to select a date: My Classes Page.

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