Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My first REAL Repair

So, I've been working on stained glass pieces for a few years now. And, I have done a few repairs, but only on pieces around the house, like the broken candle box. While that was a three dimensional piece, it was a cube; making it fairly easy to repair.
This lamp, however, posed a bit of a challenge. The repair was a bit of a puzzle, really. When it first arrived at the studio, we thought that we would slide the bottom pieces off, and then slide the middle pieces out. However, after examining the piece awhile longer, I realized that it would be easier to slide the top off. Anywho, it wasn't too hard, and didn't take much more than an hour from start to finish. I think my favorite part of the whole repair process is breaking the broken pieces to get them out!
So, I think the two pieces that were broken are the two pieces just to the right of the piece that's centered in the photo. But, I did such a good job :) that I can't pick them out!!

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