Thursday, January 31, 2008


And Tee-shirts...
Again, I was flipping through a free magazine that I picked up (Yogi Times, I think); and found a few ads for tee-shirts that I really liked...and perhaps, when my discretionary funds perk up a bit, I will add these to my wardrobe:
I really love the Dalai Lama shirts here. And the Teacher shirt here (although the site is a bit too Hollywood trendy for my tastes.) I like the look of the Love Not War, but don't like that the shirt is asking for both Love and War at the same time (seeing as how I subscribe to the notion that focusing on a negative (not war) is simply asking for that which you don't want...So, perhaps Love and Peace would be my preferred alternative:) I would absolutely buy that one! (And, I'm not sure what the Portuguese has to do with anything.)

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