Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All done soldering...

The Beginning Fused Glass class is finished, so with tonight's Tuesday night Independent Study session, I both began and finished soldering the joints of my Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window. Now, all I do is putty and polish!
Unfortunately, my fiance and myself both are of the opinion that "our" (read "his") camera is dying. Not only has it stopped registering preview mode, it is only taking smaller pictures. What this means to you and me? No detail shots:(
But, on the plus side, look how fabulously perfect and clean my solder joints are! Of course, no one can prove me wrong, so I must be right:)
I may go in tomorrow to begin putty-ing. However, seeing as how I set my own schedule,

I may feel like playing with glass in the garage, beginning one of the myriad of projects I have lined up.
Also, tomorrow is gym day. I love going to the climbing gym here in Napa (Rockzilla) with Todd! My arms are really getting some definition; I can see triceps! I absolutely hate exercise for exercise's sake. Thus, I play soccer and climb walls:)

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