Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Window

Still working on the window.
I went into the studio today for another three hours.

So, I did get more done in this session than I did last week. Plus, I cleaned out the bottoms of the glass grinders. They needed it!

Yesterday, I worked at home in my garage studio.
I soldered some more pendants, plus I worked on these nifty window tassels:
This is an updated photo, so you'll also notice the beaded suncatcher I recently made hanging in the middle along with a glass ball made by Saint Helena glass artist Ed Breed.

The triangles are purple and cream and look great in the sunroom!

I go back to the studio later tonight. But, before I leave, I'm going to thumb through a book I checked out at the library about Tibetan symbols and meanings. I've got a great idea for some stained glass prayer flags...

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