Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's Get This Putty Started!!

So we can get it over with already!
Wow! I thought that cutting all the tiny pieces of glass was tedious. Now, I think that puttying all the little, itty, bitty, teeny, tiny spaces around the wee pieces of glass is more so!

This is definitely a messy job, but a friend of mine has stated, "Art should be messy!" :) Well, then, this is a masterpiece!

I've finished putty-ing perhaps one half of one side. These first two pictures show the putty that has been applied and already cleaned up a bit with a toothpick to reuse some of the putty that was clumped on.

This third picture shows the edges that still need putty, just for reference. So, I had thought that I may go into the studio today to continue putty-ing. But, when I work my "real" job in the evenings, it's hard to commit the other half of my day to the studio. So, if I have a spare moment, after Todd and I run to the store to pick up pizza and salad fixin's, I may head out to the garage to cut some strips of glass for my next plate.

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